Licron Crystal ESD-Safe Coating

Sku Number Name Size
1756-8S Licron Crystal - 227g aerosol EU 8 oz (227g)
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Versatile, crystal clear urethane coating that adheres to metal, plastic, and most other surfaces. Ideal for converting standard bumpers, bins, tools, and surfaces to ESD­safe, saving expensive replacement cost. The end result is compliant with ANSI/ESD­S20.20, which prevents static damage to sensitive electronic components.

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged static dissipative coating
  • Surface Resistivity of 10^6 To 10^9 ohms
  • Operating temperature range up to 302°F (155°C)
  • Humidity independent
  • Coverage - 1 gallon @ 1 mil wet film will cover ~1600 sq ft, @ 2 mil ~800 sq ft
  • Superior adhesion to variety of surfaces: glass, plastic, etc.
  • Non-ozone depleting


Can I use a spigot / dispensing spout on the 55-gallon plastic drum?

Yes, HDPE (plastic) drums are designed to accept commonly available 2” threaded spigots / spouts. Spigots are available at distributors, like at

Can I use a spigot / dispensing spout on the 5-gallon carboy?

Yes, the hole in the center of the cap is designed to work with commonly available 2” threaded spigots / spouts. To use: 1) remove the cap, 2) drill a large hole in the center of the threaded hole in the cap, 3) screw the spigot onto the cap, 4) screw the cap back on the carboy, 5) turn the carboy on its side so the spigot points down and check to make sure the spigot isn’t leaking. Spigots are available at distributors, like at

How do I remove the cap from the 5-gallon carboy?

There is a ratcheted ring on the bottom of the cap, which locks the cap into place and prevents it from unscrewing during shipment. To remove, insert a flathead screwdriver between the cap and the ring and pry it loose so the perforations break free. Then remove the ring. It is similar to removing the tamper-proof lock on a plastic jug of milk.

How do I disinfect surface coated with Licron Crystal?

Licron Crystal is being used to turn a plexiglass divider into an ESD-safe divider. A common question is how to disinfect from pothogens like SARS-COV-2 (coronavirus -- the virus that causes COVID-19) without degrading the static dissipative properties? 1) Avoid alcohol-based cleaners, because they can break-down Licron, especially with repeated use. Stay with Clorox types of disinfectants, and other similar cleaners. 2) Avoid wiping dry, which can abrade and wear off the coating. Either allow the disinfectant to air dry, or blot dry with a non-abbrasive wipe material. Paper towels can be rough because they are cellulose based. A soft material like microfiber (e.g. part #2368-2) or polyester knit wipe (part #2355-100) would be preferable. 3) Check coating integrity with a risistivity meter once the cleaner has dried. If resistance increased above acceptable range, reapply Licron Crystal.

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