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Maintaining ESD S20.20 Compliant Environments in the Age of COVID-19 Sanitizing and PPE
The COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness of the potential for viral contamination around the workplace. Personal protection equipment (PPE) is starting to be used in new areas to avoid transmission of next...
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Choosing The Best Cleaning Process for Your Needs
This is a multi-part series covering the best practices of establishing a new cleaning process. These are written by Pierce Pillon, Techspray’s Field Engineer. Contact us if you want Pierce’s next...
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5 questions that you need to know for soldering PCBs
How do I solder? Make sure the surfaces to be soldered are clean. Turn on the soldering iron and set temperature above the melting point of your solder. 600°-650°F (316°-343°C) is a good next...
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What is a flux?
What is flux? Think of flux and a prepping agent for the soldering process. When joining two metal surfaces together with solder, there needs to be a good metallurgic bond, so the solder joint doesn’t next...
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