Zero Charge ESD Lotion

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1702-8FP Hand Lotion - 8oz 8 oz (227g)
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ESD hand lotion improves contact between personnel and grounding devices such as wrist straps and heel straps. Does not contain silicone, lanolin, mineral oil and other materials found in conventional hand lotions that can interfere with PCB manufacturing. Blend of moisturizers, aloe vera, and vitamins A and E penetrate rapidly leaving skin soft without a greasy film.

Features & Benefits

  • Improves wrist and heel strap contact
  • Does not contain silicone or lanolin
  • Non-contaminating / does not interfere with soldering
  • Non-greasy
  • Nonflammable

Call-outs: AT&T  (1702-8FP) 406359406, Celestica (1702-8FP) 9300-1731, Celestica (1702-G) 9300-6148, Delco C00038201, HP (1702-8FP) 9300-1731, HP (1702-G) 9300-6148



Techspray Products Control ESD and Improve Reliability
ESD stands for electrostatic discharge, the static spark that can damage sensitive electronic components. WHERE DOES STATIC ELECTRICITY COME FROM? As objects and surfaces interact, the atoms that make up those materials often exchange electrons. When an atom has fewer electrons than protons, it...
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