Techspray Wipes for Every Cleaning Application

Techspray offers a wide variety of wipes for cleanrooms, critical cleaning of electronics, and more industrial applications:

  • TechClean Purwipe (part #2355-100) is a heat cut, knitted 100% polyester wipe. The fibers go from one side to the other with no loose fibers. Any possible loose fibers are sealed in the edges by cutting it with a hot knife. This is a popular wipe for electronics cleaning because it is less prone to snag and tear on sharp through-hole leads.
  • Anti-Static Wipes (2362-150) are also woven polyester, but include stripes of DuPont’s NEGA-STAT carbon yarn. This prevents static generation, which is especially important when dry wiping. Anti-Static Wipes are packaged in a class 10 cleanroom, so ideal for cleanroom applications. This wipe is widely used on smart phone and pad computer screens in assembly or repair operations. Wiping glass screens with standard polyester will tend to generate static and attract dust.
  • TechClean Wiper (2350-100) is a non-woven blend of polyester and cellulose, with the best properties of each. The cellulose gives it good solvency and strong cleaning strength, and polyester it gives it good wet strength and then a high degree of cleanliness. Because of absorbency, strength, and lower cost, TechClean Wipers are commonly used in electronic assembly on SMT stencils for removing solder pastes and adhesives.
  • Blue Maintenance Wipes (2359-300, 2364-50, 2365-300) are also made of polyester and cellulose wipes, with all the cleaning advantages of TechClean Wiper at an even lower cost, they are for more industrial applications.
Techspray offers a Cotton Cleanroom Wiper as a more eco-friendly option, like:

  • TechClean Wiper, it is nonwoven and very absorbent, but made of 100% renewable cotton.
  • TechClean Absorbwipe (2351-100, 2352-100) is made of an ultra-soft nonwoven polyester material that is ideal for delicate surfaces like lenses and fiber optic endface cleaning.
  • TechClean Twill Wipe (2357-100) is a knit cotton wiper that can handle the high temperatures required in some applications. Whereas synthetic material like a polyester might melt or might degrade with the high temperatures, cotton will hold up well.
  • TechClean Microfiber Wipe (2363-50) is a 50% nylon and 50% polyester knitted wipe. The unique properties of this wipe is that the fibers are very small and that the fibers are also wedge-shaped. Every fiber acts like a micro-sized squeegee that gets underneath soils, lifts them up and holds every soil.
For cleaning more sensitive surfaces like non-glare monitors:
  • Techspray offers LCD & Plasma Screen Cleaning Wipes (2368-2), which are made of a very soft microfiber terrycloth. It can even buff a polished surface to a shine without the use of a cleaner.

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