Needle Flux Dispenser

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Needle bottles are ideal for precisely controlled flux applications. Two different needle sizes are available: 0.25mm for low viscosity no-clean and aqueous fluxes and 0.50mm for higher viscosity rosin-based fluxes. Each bottle is available in standard plastic or with optional ESD-safe cover. 

  •  0.01" (0.25mm) needle - Ideal for low viscosity no-clean and water soluble fluxes.
  •  0.02" (0.50mm) needle - Ideal for higher viscosity rosin fluxes.


How can I purchase replacement needle for Plato flux dispensing bottles?

Techspray does not offer replacement, only complete flux bottles. The needles are standard parts that are commonly used for automatic dispensing systems. You can find compatible needles with distributors like Grainger. They are 1" stainless steel needles, 21 guage for FD-2 and SF-2, and 26 guage for FD-21 and SF-1.

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