Maintaining ESD S20.20 Compliant Environments in the Age of COVID-19 Sanitizing and PPE

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness of the potential for viral contamination around the workplace. Personal protection equipment (PPE) is starting to be used in new areas to avoid transmission of the COVID virus.

ESD-safe gloves and garments are readily available for ESD sensitive environments requiring S20.20 compliance, but what about face shields? What is all this decontamination doing to our ESD-safe work surfaces?

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) occurs when the charges of two dissimilar surfaces with a large electronic potential (difference) equalize instantaneously. The resulting discharge or spark can cause catastrophic or latent damage to electronic components. Techspray offers several products that help maintain ESD S20.20 compliance even in the age of COVID-19 sanitizing and PPE…

Inhibiting the Tribocharge of PPE

For flexible materials and fabric, like in protective garments, Techspray offers Zero Charge Antistat to inhibit triboelectric generation. Zero Charge Antistat is a fast drying, anti-static coating that eliminates static charge and reduces triboelectric generation from flexible surfaces. It is ideal for plastics, fabrics, and carpet.

For rigid materials, like face shields and safety glasses, we have Licron Crystal. If applied very fine and evenly, it is very clear and will not impede the visibility through face shields. Licron Crystal is a urethane-based coating that forms a static dissipative matrix over a surface. If the operator is grounded, like with a wrist or heel strap, and in contact with the coated PPE, it will allow any excess charge to bleed off in a controlled way. This is because the coating is 106 To 109 ohms resistivity range. Our Licron crystal ESD safe coating (Part number 1756-8S) can help you in your cleaning process.

Rejuvenating Sanitized Surfaces

A wide range of disinfects are now being used on ESD-safe mats and other surfaces, many of which are alocohol based. For ESD-safe surfaces like mats and benchtops, this goes against everything you’ve been told about their proper care and maintenance. IPA tends to dry out mats and can break down specialized ESD treatments and coatings.

Luckily Techspray offers Zero Charge Mat & Tabletop Cleaner, which applies a small amount of ESD-safe material that can rejuvenate the surface and eliminate hot spots. It is also great for cleaning off flux and other residues. Have a look our Zero charge mat and table top cleaner (part number 1733-QT).

The next problem is the use of alcohol-based gel hand sanitizers that is now a constant presence in all our lives. I’m sure you’ve already experiences how the repeated application of hand sanitizers dry out your skin. What you may not realize is it can interrupt the connection to the contact point on your wrist strap. Moisture in your skin is required to maintain electrical continuity to ground through a wrist strap.

Zero Charge Hand Lotion improves contact between personnel and grounding devices such as wrist straps and heel straps. It does not contain silicone, lanolin, mineral oil and other materials found in conventional hand lotions that can interfere with PCB manufacturing. It contains a blend of moisturizers, aloe vera, and vitamins A and E penetrate rapidly leaving skin soft without a greasy film.

Please stay safe and healthy, and let us know if you have any questions at +31 88 1307 400 or
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